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Brain-Computer Interfaces for Clinical Applications

30/03/2012 de 10:00 a 13:00
Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística, Aula 100
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Speaker: Prof. Zoran Nenadic (Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine)

Place: Aula 100 (FME, Edifici O)

Time: Friday, 30/3/2012, 10h


Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a relatively novel technology that allows signals from the human brain to be recorded and interpreted in real time, and in turn used to control external devices (e.g. computers, robots, wheelchairs). This technology may allow those with severe motor paralysis to control prosthetic devices directly by their thoughts. Despite early promise, the widespread application of BCIs in clinical setup has not been achieved, with the major impediment being the poor performance of these systems. In this talk, I will show how the use of advanced signal processing and pattern recognition techniques can be harnessed toward improving the performance of BCI systems in terms of intuitiveness, speed of training and information transfer rates. I will also hypothesize on the use of BCIs as a neuro-rehabilitation tool for treatment of subjects with chronic stroke or incomplete spinal cord injury.