The Automatic Control Department (ESAII) is one of 40 that exist at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (UPC). The research in our department is closely linked to education and learning in graduate programs, leading to Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Our research covers several areas within the Automatic Control, Robotics, Computer Vision, Automation and Biomedical Engineering. It is developed through its own research groups and some members also participate in other research units and centers of the University.

Our research activities pursued two aims: firstly, basic and applied pre-competitive technology research; on the other hand, the results are used to solve technological applications requested by companies. Therefore, research projects range from studies of basic theory and methods to application-oriented projects, often in collaboration with industry. They are funded by the University, research agencies Spanish and European, and companies.

The multidisciplinary nature of these activities is reflected in a strong collaboration between research groups and other national and international institutions (both academic and industrial).

Finally, our department provides an excellent multidisciplinary environment for the design of new devices and generation of knowledge in these areas of motivating research.